Wasa-Nabin Program

Wasa-Nabin Program


Wasa-Nabin is a self-development program for urban Indigenous at-risk youth (ages 13-18). The goal of the program is to promote cultural identity, self-esteem, educational values and career goals, and to enhance healthy choices for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous youth. We encourage our youth to be leaders and create an environment that allows them to lead other youth through example of Mino-Bimaadiziwin (live the good life). Services and supports are offered in the following categories; Social Support, Youth in Care, Healthy Eating and Physical Development, Education, Justice, and Preventing Violence.  Eligible youth receive one-to-one support and services, as well as the opportunity to be involved in group activities.

Empowering Our Youth Through:

  • Ensuring their involvement with design and delivery of the Friendship Centre programming
  • Providing youth with an enthusiasm and awareness of the culture and traditions with their participation
  • Enhancing life skill with local and regional support services and peer counseling
  • Improving physical health and encourage youth to participate in recreational, social, and healing programming
  • Developing positive and healthy relationships between youth and the Indigenous & Non-Indigenous community, their families and the natural environment

Wasa- Nabin Provides

  • Individual & Peer Support
  • Life Skills Guidance
  • Street Wolf Leadership Skills
  • A Personalized Plan of Action (for each youth)
  • Confidence Building
  • Addiction Prevention
  • Referrals and one-on-one sessions

Program Address the Following Components

  • Provision of Social Support
  • Outreach to Youth-in-Care
  • Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Development
  • Support of Educational Services
  • Justice Intervention
  • Support Anti-Violence Techniques