Journey Together: Indigenous Child & Family Outreach Program

Journey Together: Indigenous Child & Family Outreach Program


The Indigenous Network has designed a program whereby a team of Indigenous Child & Family Outreach Workers deliver culturally specific experiences geared towards children and families attending EarlyON and select childcare programs in Peel Region. The program is offered free of charge and will allow all children to experience and participate in Indigenous activities while building a general awareness about the Indigenous community.

 EarlyON centres are accessible to all families in Ontario and offer drop-in programs for families and children from birth to 6 years. You can visit to find out more. The Journey Together Outreach Program is offered at select EarlyON centres in Peel Region. You can connect with the Journey Together Outreach team to learn more about where and when the program is being offered.

Our goals for this program:

  • To provide Indigenous-led cultural activities and awareness for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and families. Activities may include drumming, smudging, storytelling, arts & crafts, and will be designed to meet the needs and interests of each age group.
  • To increase licensed childcare and EarlyON staff knowledge of Indigenous culture. Outreach workers will serve as a source of support for educators in building on experiences implemented, as well as providing relevant resources and materials to enhance their program.
  • To create a feeling of inclusivity to Indigenous children and families and support improved outcomes for Indigenous children based on the foundations of How Does Learning Happen?