Indigenous Wholistic
Mental Wellness Program

Indigenous Wholistic
Mental Wellness Program

Indigenous Wholistic Mental Wellness Program

In 2017 The Indigenous Network formed a partnership with the Mississauga/Halton Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), and the Canadian Mental Health Association, Halton Region Branch (CMHA). Through this partnership, this program was developed which embraces an approach to Indigenous mental health through an integrative model that utilizes aspects of both Traditional Indigenous and Western mental health practices to address the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of Indigenous peoples while subsequently strengthening the mental health care model through the collaboration of Traditional Indigenous and Western mental health care systems. Within an Indigenous worldview, the physical, mental, spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life are directly correlated to overall health and well-being especially from a mental health perspective. Through the development of a model derived from the Indigenous worldview, TIN provides mental health services through a holistic Indigenous framework that acknowledges the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health as well as the historical, socioeconomic, and cultural influences.

The primary modality of mental health care offered through this project is Traditional Indigenous and Western counselling/case management. Traditional Indigenous counselling offers in-depth cultural understanding and a uniquely caring approach that incorporates Traditional Indigenous knowledge, experience and healing. Indigenous Elders/Healers approach mental health issues from an Indigenous worldview perspective and relate to the cultural background of Indigenous clients. Treatment may also address the long-lasting intergenerational effects of historical trauma and oppression of Indigenous peoples. In addition to individual care, this project will also facilitate community healing through a variety of modalities including family workshops and cultural ceremonies.

Mental Wellness Services and Programs:
  • Sweat Ceremony
  • Sharing Circles
  • One on One Sessions with Elders, Healers & Seers
  • Generational Healing

CMHA Case Management Services:

  • The 3-month case management program assists individuals 16 years old and up facing significant barriers to recovery dealing with both addiction(s) and mental health issues. Clients are supported with their goals in areas such as addiction recovery skills, life skills, housing, employment and symptom management. Some examples of things we can help with include:

  • Informal counselling, referrals to residential treatment, supportive housing, etc

  • Advocacy at doctor appointments or other community appointments if needed
  • Assistance attending food banks with clients, in getting/replacing lost or stolen ID
  • Exploration of positive coping skills for relapse prevention, crisis, or other mental health needs